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Summer 2023 Chicago REALTOR® Magazine

The latest issue of Chicago REALTOR® is now available. Enjoy the content in the format of your choice. You can find the digital PDF flipbook below, with links to blog-format […]

Summer 2023: Editor’s Note

Explore AI With Intention & Creativity! I asked ChatGPT to provide 10 witty headlines about using AI, and it suggested: …They’re working titles. With the booming emergence of ChatGPT in […]

Summer 2023: Association News

Sustainability Work Group Wins NAR Grant to Support Climate Action Museum The Sustainability Work Group’s funding will help Chicago’s Climate Action Museum (CAM) with the creation of displays geared toward […]

What You Need to Know: Chicago’s New Energy Transformation Code

Chicago is one of the cities at the forefront of energy conservation in the United States, specifically through the city’s base energy codes. On January 1, 2023, Chicago’s New Energy […]

Over 50 Years of Fighting for Housing Equality

Chicago REALTOR® Frank Williams Honored With the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Fair Housing Champion Award Past President Frank Williams, F.J. Williams Realty, was honored as one of NAR’s 2023 […]

Everything You Need to Know About Chicago’s Mixed-Use Market

Pick almost any neighborhood in Chicago, and you will discover varying versions of mixed-use buildings. From small mom-and-pop-type storefronts with apartments on the second level to self-contained vertical communities set […]

Fall Into Chicago with The 77’s Favorite Autumn Activities

There’s a slight chill in the air. The rich green leaves on trees are beginning to shift to auburn and gold, and Chicago is shining. Fall is right around the […]

Homebuying By Generation: What to Know About Generational Homebuying Trends

Flashback to 2016—millennials were dominating the homebuying and selling market. Many baby boomers were just starting to think about retirement, and Gen X was starting to hit their homebuying and […]

Embracing the Power of Artificial Intelligence In Real Estate

A Guide for Forward-Thinking REALTORS® As the real estate industry continues to evolve in the digital age, one powerful tool has emerged to alter how we do business: Artificial Intelligence […]

Open Your Ears: The Importance of Active Listening

Imagine – you’re conducting a property viewing with a prospective buyer when, while viewing the property, the buyer mentions that they are concerned about the lack of natural light in […]

Commit to Your Safety: 9 Practices to Build Into Your Routine

Your safety is important. Make a promise to yourself to adopt intentional safety practices and habits into your routine. It’s important that we are knowledgeable, aware and empowered to keep […]

Being a Neighborhood Cheerleader

How to Be An Active Member of the Communities You Serve From lakefront oases to bustling corridors to quiet, tree-lined streets, all of Chicago’s 77 communities offer pockets of unique […]

Are You Still Advertising Your Services As Free?

Due to recent lawsuits challenging local broker marketplaces (otherwise referred to as MLS’s) and the cooperative compensation guidelines that MLS participants and subscribers adhere to, the conversation around buyer agent/cooperating […]

Summer 2023: From the CEO

I grew up on the south side of Chicago, and I have so many childhood memories specifically in Pullman. It was where my Aunt Patty lived, where our family went […]

Summer 2023: President’s Perspective

What a year! I can’t believe that this time last year I was just beginning my presidency. Over the last year, my cup has been filled with gratitude and kindness. […]

Spring 2023 Chicago REALTOR® Magazine

The latest issue of Chicago REALTOR® is now available. Enjoy the content in the format of your choice. You can find the digital PDF flipbook below, with links to blog-format […]

Spring 2023: Editor’s Pick

Happy Sales Awards season and congratulations to our top producers! This time of year is always so inspiring to me, because we get to celebrate the collaboration in our industry […]

Spring 2023 Government Affairs Update

A LOOK AT THE 2023 MUNICIPAL ELECTION This spring is all about the municipal election. At least 16 City Council members are retiring, sparking competitive races for incumbents. Your RPAC […]

Spring 2023: Association News

Introducing our 2023 Leadership Accelerator Congratulations to the following Chicago REALTORS® who have been chosen for our 2023 Leadership Accelerator class. This program will help attendees prepare for the next […]

Spring 2023: From The CEO

As REALTORS® and stewards of homeownership, we help communities become neighborhoods. A community becomes a neighborhood through the businesses, schools and—most importantly—the people who call it home. By bringing people […]

Spring 2023: President’s Perspective

As mortgage rates continue to fluctuate and the real estate market begins to stabilize, it’s important we are prepared advisors for our clients and our communities. Dig into market data! […]

8 Steps To Prepare For Taxes & Reduce Financial Stress

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 88% of REALTORS® are independent contractors. If you fall into this category, you may have a unique scenario that can lead to struggles […]

Top Producer Tips

你怎么年代tay motivated during times of uncertainty in our industry? “I set goals. Life is like driving to an appointment or a showing to meet with a client—if […]

5 Best Practices When Showing Units in Managed Buildings

Showing a property in a managed building, such as a condominium, apartment or co-op, can present unique situations that often don’t exist when showing single-family homes. These situations require different […]

Winter 2023 Chicago REALTOR® Magazine

The latest issue of Chicago REALTOR® is now available. Enjoy the content in the format of your choice. You can find the digital PDF flipbook below, with links to blog-format […]

Meet the 2023 Board of Directors

RAFAEL ALVARADO, SHIELD REAL ESTATE What is your favorite CAR member perk or benefit, and why?Safety has always been a big concern for me. FOREWARN is one of my favorite […]

Winter 2023: Editor’s Picks

Hello, 2023!I always find the new year exciting – it’s a time to set new goals, explore new opportunities and position ourselves to have a successful year. In this issue, […]

Winter 2023: President’s Perspective

Years ago, I attended my first Inaugural Gala, and had my first exposure to this association, thanks to my friend, and past president, Zeke Morris. That event was the jumping […]

Winter 2023: From The CEO

Just like many of you, we’re focusing on business planning for both the year ahead and the years to come. This year, we’re proud to unveil our new strategic plan […]

Chicago REALTORS® Leading The Way

Make Social Media Marketing Work For You

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that digital marketing is imperative for success. In a world where the majority of people are spending time in front […]

Where Comfort Meets Style: Upcoming Kitchen Trends

如果心在哪里哪里就是家,厨房的可能the lifeblood of a house. It’s a place to congregate, cook and converse. According to the Houzz 2022 Kitchen […]

Welcome to Auburn Gresham

Close your eyes and think about a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. The first places that come to mind might be Beverly, Douglas or South Shore. But there […]

Building Trust with Clients Using Market Data

The real estate market is constantly changing, especially over the last few years. As REALTORS®, you’re the trusted advisors for your homebuyers and sellers, so it’s vital that you’re armed […]

Back to Basics: 8 Actionable Business Tips

早餐外卖业务Habi好ts Stem From A Strong CRM System Treat Follow-Ups As Relationship Building Your Ultimate Goal Is To Create A Positive Experience You Are Not Alone: Lean […]

Winter 2023: Government Affairs Update

A CLOSER LOOK AT THE 2023 BUDGETS The city of Chicago reviewed a $16.4 billion budget. The budget did not include a property tax increase, although it was considered. Overall, […]

Local Plant Shop and Retail Store Receive Hispanic Small Business Grants

While many small businesses were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, the five business sectors most affected by COVID-19 generate almost 50% of the revenues of all Hispanic and Latino-owned businesses […]

Introducing 2023 President Sarah Ware

Growing up, 2023 Chicago Association of REALTORS® president Sarah Ware and her family would gather on Sunday mornings to read the Chicago Tribune. She was always drawn to and intrigued […]

Autumn 2022 Chicago REALTOR® Magazine

The latest issue of Chicago REALTOR® is now available. Enjoy the content in the format of your choice. You can find the digital PDF flipbook below, with links to blog-format […]

Local Non-Profit & Restaurant Receive Asian American & Pacific Islander Small Business Grants

While many small businesses were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, 90% of Asian-American owned businesses said they lost revenue in 2020, according to a study by the New York Federal […]

Autumn 2022: Association News

Past President Frank J. Williams Receives Educator of the Year Award Congratulations to past president & REALTORS® Real Estate School instructor Frank J. Williams, F.J. Williams Realty, recipient of the […]

Brightening Our Neighborhoods: Check Out Our Newest Placemaking Project in Uptown

As REALTORS®, we provide people with homes and create strong and vibrant communities. Our placemaking efforts enhance this, by enabling us to work with community stakeholders to help build comprehensive […]

Congratulations to the 2022 Leadership Accelerator Class

Our first Leadership Accelerator class graduated during the 2022 Inaugural Gala in September. Over the last nine months, these REALTORS® participated in monthly modules to discuss and learn about topics […]

Autumn 2022: Government Affairs Update

Looking Forward to Budgeting Season & the Primary Election The City of Chicago is about to embark upon budget season. While the budget is presented and debated, ordinance discussions and […]

Office Space in Chicago: Where We Were, Where We Are & Where We’re Going

In 2019, fewer than 6% of Americans worked from home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That all changed in May 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when about 35% […]

Welcome to Dunning

If you travel down I-90 and take a hard turn west, you’ll slowly move away from the hustle and bustle; as the city noise begins to dissipate, you’ll find yourself […]

Overcoming Barriers: How Alternative Lines of Credit Can Increase Homeownership Rates in Minority Populations

信用评分是一个至关重要的部分的批准for a mortgage. Although a low credit score won’t take a buyer out of the running to receive a loan, no […]

Disability & Housing: A Q&A with Activist Mia Ives-Rublee

Did you know the most common Fair Housing complaint received by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is for disability discrimination? These complaints make up about 60% of […]

REALTOR® Safety: Insight To Keep You Safe in Dangerous Situations

On September 25th, 2014, Arkansas REALTOR® Beverly Carter embarked on her last showing of the day at a rural property for a married couple who told her they were planning […]

Share Your Story: How to Launch A Podcast

Forget about true crime, daily news and celebrity interviews – there’s so much more to the world of podcasting! Podcasts are becoming a place for people to share their expertise […]

Congratulations to the 2022 REALTOR® Award Winners!

Every year, we honor a group of exemplary real estate professionals with our REALTOR® Awards. Get to know our 2022 winners and their impact on our industry. REALTOR® of the […]

The REALTORS®’ Guide to TikTok

你不需要学习舞蹈popular on TikTok. Many people (businesses, too!) are using the platform to reach new audiences and share their expertise. We […]

2022 Chicago Association of REALTORS® Hall of Fame Inductee: Leon I. Walker

A born and raised Chicago South Sider, Leon Walker saw the opportunity there from a young age, and he saw the impact of residents and commercial businesses leaving. After attending […]

Autumn 2022: Editor’s Picks

The Conversation Continues: How Are We Being Inclusive? This June marked a first for us — we hosted the Chicago REALTORS® 360° Summit: Leading With Diversity, Equity & Inclusion event. […]

Autumn 2022: From the CEO

Success in real estate hinges on the relationships made between a REALTOR® and client. As we all know, relationships are reciprocal, and communication is vital. As important as it is […]

Autumn 2022: President’s Perspective

A year ago, I gave my first address as president during the 138th Inaugural Gala. I focused on firsts, and how firsts can lead to forevers. Since then, you’ve likely […]

Summer 2022 Chicago REALTOR® Magazine

The latest issue of Chicago REALTOR® is now available. Enjoy the content in the format of your choice. You can find the digital PDF flipbook below, with links to blog-format […]

Summer 2022: President’s Perspective

今年5月,我们的许多领导人参加了志愿者National Association of REALTORS® Legislative Meetings in National Harbor, Md., just outside Washington, D.C. May is also advocacy month, and that’s […]

Summer 2022: From the CEO

Forward-thinking diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives require a 360-degree view of where we’ve come from, where we are and where we’re going. We’ve been on the wrong side of […]

Summer 2022: Editor’s Pick

Walk Away Empowered: Titans of Industry Women’s Conference This spring we hosted several power-packed panels of women entrepreneurs, executives and leaders during our annual Titans of Industry: Women in Real […]

Increase Your Client’s Property Value: What To Know About Accessory Dwelling Units

If you work in real estate, the phrase ‘housing shortage’ is something you probably hear on a daily basis. Buildings are selling too quickly to keep up with the buyer […]

Big Tech, Blockchain & 5G: Technology Trends You Need to Know in Our Global, Connected World

As REALTORS®, we need to focus on the ABCs, and by that I don’t mean “Always Be Closing;” We need to “Always Be Curious!” This is why the Global Real […]

Top Producers Technology Must-Haves

With so many tools, apps and websites out there, it can be hard to distinguish the useful from the useless. We asked our top producers to share the tools they […]

Permission Denied: How to Avoid an Unauthorized Access Violation

As REALTORS®, you are looked to as a trusted resource to navigate the complexities of buying, selling, leasing or investing in real estate. Beyond the steps of the process is […]

Public Safety: The Mayor Addresses Your Concerns Directly

As REALTORS®, we are integral members of our communities, working together to ensure Chicago remains a vibrant place to live, work and play. We’ve heard from many of you that […]

7 Steps to Generating & Converting Rental Leads

One key component to making an investment property a successful endeavor for you or your clients is finding and securing the right tenants to live there, quickly and efficiently. Long-term, […]

Welcome To Armour Square

Located three miles from the Loop on Chicago’s south side, Armour Square is a happy medium between a popular tourist location, residential hot spot and culturally authentic experience. While many […]

Embrace Your Green Thumb with These Houseplants

If you’re looking to bring the outdoors in, houseplants are a great way to spruce up any room of your home. Houseplants also make great client gifts! But determining what […]

The Future of Home is Here: What You Need to Know About High-Performing Homes

Electrification is a natural evolution in how we’ve historically fueled our homes, as many homes operating on gas today were originally fueled by coal or heating oil. In the mid-1900s, […]

Summer 2022: Foundation Update

Congratulations to the REALTOR® ELITE Mentorship Program Class of 2022 The REALTOR® ELITE Program matches ELITE’rs (mentees) with coaches to develop and support the next generation of industry leaders. Coaches […]

A Local Black-Owned Museum and Theater Awarded 2022 Small Business Grants

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, metropolitan small businesses were hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these businesses are still trying to bounce back and adjust […]

Summer 2022: Government Affairs Update

TRANSFER TAXES BACK IN THE NEWS The Real Estate Transfer Tax is imposed when titled real estate property is transferred within the city of Chicago. This spring, the Bring Chicago […]

Summer 2022: Association News

Tommy Choi Named 2023 Illinois REALTORS® Treasurer Nominee Past President Tommy Choi, Keller Williams ONEChicago, has been named the 2023 Illinois REALTORS® Treasurer nominee. Choi was our 2020 REALTOR® of […]

Women Empowering Women: Advice & Insights from Titans of Industry: Women in Real Estate

We kicked off Women’s History Month with a bang during our Titans of Industry: Women in Real Estate event. Keep reading for valuable insights from our powerhouse speakers. Four […]

Spring 2022 Chicago REALTOR® Magazine

The latest issue of Chicago REALTOR® is now available. Enjoy the content in the format of your choice. You can find the digital PDF flipbook below, with links to blog-format […]

Spring 2022: President’s Perspective

As you may know, my first love and passion is music. I’ve always particularly loved writing songs about people and experiences because they tell stories. As a performer, my goal […]

Spring 2022: From the CEO

“I remember them when…” We use this phrase to reflect on different people’s journeys to greatness. Right now, there are a lot of dreamers in our industry. According to National […]

Spring 2022: Editor’s Picks

Chicago REALTORS® sold $45,266,942,349 in total volume and facilitated 106,785 transaction sides in 2021. Congratulations! I love being part of such an amazing industry. Your hustle and drive this past […]

Who Has the Keys? Building Generational Wealth Through Real Estate

This key could be the actual metal object you use to unlock a door, or it could be valuable information or a solution, but the purpose remains the same: keys […]

Chicago REALTORS® Leading the Way

We aim to always provide you with the best tools and experiences to make the most of your membership. Check out your peers who are taking advantage of our educational […]

Top Producer Tips

What’s your best piece of advice for REALTORS® working to level up their careers this year? “Say yes to every opportunity that comes through the door. It may not work […]

A Promising Year: Check Out What the Economists Have Forecasted for the Chicago Market in 2022

For Chicago real estate, 2021 was a more successful year than anyone could have anticipated. Homes flew off the market, sales prices skyrocketed and interest rates remained low, all of […]

Spring 2022: Government Affairs Update

REALTORS® CALL ON DEPARTMENT OF WATER MANAGEMENT FOR REFORMS Currently, the City of Chicago’s INVEST South/West program gathers resources to inspire growth by transforming underserved commercial corridors and attracting more […]

Spring 2022: Association News

President-Elect Sarah Ware Recognized For Eight Years On the Cook County Land Bank Authority On Friday, December 10, 2021, CAR President-Elect Sarah Ware performed her final duties as an eight-time director with […]

Chicago REALTORS® Take Leadership Positions at Local, State and National Levels

Winter 2021 Chicago REALTOR® Magazine

The latest issue of Chicago REALTOR® is now available. Enjoy the content in the format of your choice. You can find the digital PDF flipbook below, with links to blog-format […]

Winter 2021: Editor’s Picks

Leaders With Passion It was so nice to gather together to install our new leadership in person this year. You can check out all the photos here. I was struck […]

Your Winter Government Affairs Update

2022 CHICAGO BUDGET: REAL ESTATE HIGHLIGHTS & CONCERNS Mayor Lori Lightfoot presented her budget to City Council on September 20, 2021. The proposal contains $635 million to maintain and expand […]

‘The 77’ Tour of Chicago’s Neighborhoods

Tour many of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods through the eyes of our neighborhood experts on our Diversity Committee, The 77. They shared their favorite restaurants, landmarks, architecture and more; these are […]

Hall of Fame James D. Letchinger: Fearless, Proud and Driven…Never Satisfied with Average!

Born and raised in downtown Chicago, James D. Letchinger admired skyscrapers and high-rises from a young age. “I watched the city get built,” he said. “I was very close with […]

New Placemaking Murals in Andersonville & Kenwood Honor Local Residents & Heroes

As REALTORS®, we know how important homes and commercial properties are to the backbone of our communities. But we also know there is much more that goes into making our […]

Winter 2021: Association News

Local Hispanic-Owned Business Receives COVID-19 Relief Grant Our city has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in a variety of ways, and the CAR Foundation is helping affected small business […]

Your Questions, Answered: What You Need to Know About Zoning & ADUs

As of May 2021, the City of Chicago began issuing permits for Accessory/Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs), reversing a 1957 law that previously deemed them illegal. What does this mean for […]

Supercharge Your Business In 2022 With CAR Member Benefits

Expand your network and knowledge to be the best resource for your clients. We host over 100 events each year, and, through your membership, you receive free or discounted attendance […]

2022 Board of Directors

TOMMY CHOI Keller Williams ONEChicago If you could share one piece of advice with a fellow REALTOR®, what would it be? The direction you travel in is much more important […]

Introducing 2022 President Antje Gehrken, A.R.E. Partners

“Hey guys. It’s me!” 2022 President Antje Gehrken’s signature greeting gives immediate clues as to her approachable leadership style. A lifelong Chicagoan, Antje’s path to real estate was not, by […]

Winter 2021: From the CEO

We all begin our careers with an idea of where we want to go, but we never quite know where we’ll end up. Even the best laid plans can lead […]

Winter 2021: President’s Perspective

In our lifetimes, we all experience many firsts — some that we remember, some that we don’t, and some that change our trajectory, because firsts can lead to forevers. I […]

Autumn 2021 Chicago REALTOR® Magazine

The latest issue of Chicago REALTOR® is now available. Enjoy the content in the format of your choice. You can find the digital PDF flipbook below, with links to blog-format […]

Social Media Trends to Watch

Social media is changing more than ever before. From new platforms emerging to advertising options changing, it can be overwhelming to keep up. Here’s what you need to know about […]