Thank you for being a Chicago REALTOR®! Your REALTOR® membership provides you with popular tools you need to be successful and keep your business moving forward.

Member Tools & Services

  • MLS: Included in your renewal is your MLS subscription fee, a powerful lifeline to your business.
  • Forms & Contracts: You have access to over 80 forms & contracts, created by members for members, and approved by legal counsel.
  • Protection: We have many full-time lobbyists at the local, state and national levels on the watch and ready to act when legislation is proposed that will hurt your business.
  • Marketing Tools & Ideas: Included in your dues is access to many marketing tools & ideas to keep you competitive. Also included arereal estate statisticsat your fingertips so that you are the go-to resource for market information.
  • Education: We stay on top of trends to provide you with in-demand educational opportunities that keep you on top of your game. Through continuing education, hot topics, designations and free member events, we keep you advancing.
  • Connection: Networking is one of the keys to a successful real estate business, and we work to keep you connected to one another, key legislators and influencers at over 80 events a year.
  • 争议解决: From time to time, members and consumers get into disputes about commission or other business matters. As a REALTOR® member, you are protected and provided services to work through disputes quickly and without costly court proceedings via our Dispute Resolution programs.
  • Free Business Expertise:Every quarter, a new issue ofChicago REALTOR® Magazineis mailed to your mailboxes and released online. Each issue features articles written by experts with in-depth, FREE business advice and experts on matters important to you.

增值!Discounts & Member Benefits

New Benefits to Power Your Business

Your REALTOR® affiliation powers your business in many ways. From networking and education opportunities to advocacy, affiliates, member perks and more, we work hard to distinguish ourselves as the premier real estate association in Chicagoland. Here are a few ways we’re rising above the rest as the Voice for Real Estate in Chicago.

Virtual Library: Your Go-To Resource for Real Estate Trends You Need to Know

We hosted over 140 virtual events over the past year that are available on-demand for playback to fit your schedule. You can get the education and tools you need from subject matter experts, when you need it. We went outside the box to bring you into the important conversations happening in our industry, from race and real estate, to global access and investment, mental wellness, sustainability, unemployment benefit guidance, navigating a disrupted market, legal updates and more. So while networking in person may have been on pause, we weren’t!

Photofy: Ready-to-use Graphics Promoting Chicago REALTORS® as Trusted Advisors

Demonstrate the value you bring to the real estate transaction and beyond – in our Chicago neighborhoods, in understanding the local real estate market and in our influence on public policies that protect your clients’ rights as property owners, through our new partnership with Photofy.Download the Photofy appto customize and share graphics that underscore your value, straight to your social media channels.

Photofy’s asset creation tool allows you to co-brand our graphics with your company information! Make our materials your own to take the guesswork and time out of social media marketing to grow your social media platforms. We’re adding content frequently throughout the year, so you’ll always have new designs to share with your sphere.Learn more & get started.

REALTORS® Real Estate School: The Premier Source for Professional Development & Licensing

Our exclusive professional development courses are geared precisely towards the Chicago market. Our education is unlike anyone else’s – we work hard to make sure that the classes you need are available when you need them, with curriculum and instructors you won’t find anywhere else.

This year, we debuted a new Learning Management System that makes registering and taking courses easier than ever.Learn more hereandclick here to browse our entire course catalog.

The 77: Highlighting Chicago REALTORS® As Community Leaders

One of our biggest focuses at the association has been creating greater representation, equity and access in the industry. We’re now in our second year of the 77, our diversity committee, with a dedicated representative from all 77 neighborhoods. Each member of the 77 serves as CAR’s designated voices for each of their communities; they are critical to our outreach and impact on the neighborhoods across the city.Meet your representative hereandlearn more about their work.

Advocacy Directly Benefitting Your Business

Our dedicated Government Affairs Team works around the clock on your behalf. Over the past year, REALTOR® advocacy has ensured real estate was deemed essential in Illinois and Chicago, and that the self-employed and independent contractors could access unemployment benefits, small business loans and grants, and direct payments. We also helped protect consumers in transactions, with forbearance and mortgage assistance. Plus, we’ve been busy advocating for judicial discretion in RLTO matters, keeping rent control from becoming a reality and more!Click here to learn more.

Forewarn: Powerful Prospect Intelligence, Free for Chicago REALTORS

Quickly becoming the industry standard for safety and prospect intelligence, FOREWARN is a revolutionary application that allows agents to have instant due diligence on prospects. In seconds, with as little information as a phone number or name, you can verify a prospect’s identity, criminal records, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, address history and property records all in one place, leading to safer and more productive interactions. This is not only critical for your personal safety and efficiency but also a benefit to your listing homeowners, providing an added layer of protection for their homes and families through your vetting of prospective buyers.

Click here to learn more.

Flexible, Discounted Health Care & Life Services Benefits

Health is wealth. We’re proud to bring you a flexible, non-bindinghealth benefits packagethat provides you telehealth with $0 visit fee and discounted vision and dental services, amongst other benefits.


  • CAR Health Services: $17.95 Per Month: Includes Telehealth (Teladoc) With $0 Visit Fee, Vision, Worklife Services, Chiropractic, Counseling Services, Dental powered by Aetna Dental Access Health Advocate™ Solutions, Diabetic Supplies, Hearing, Lab Testing, MRI & CT Scans, Retail & Mail Order Pharmacy.
  • CAR Life Services: $18.00 Per Month: Includes ID Sanctuary Enhanced, Roadside Assistance, Global Travel assistance, Pet Care, and Tax Hotline.
  • CAR Health & Life Services Bundle: $27.00 Per Month: Includes all services from both packages above.

All membership packages may be used by the primary member, spouse, and all legal dependents.

Click here to learn more.

Commercial Contracts Pro – Custom Commercial Contracts Management System

Commercial Contracts Pro is an editing and workflow tool designed by commercial REALTORS® for commercial REALTORS®. Exclusively available only to Chicago REALTORS® members and CommercialForum subscribers, you can easily edit and customize over 25 commercial forms and contracts—saving on billable hours otherwise spent drafting contracts from scratch.

Enhance your workflows and make your commercial transactions smoother than ever before. These forms can be shared with attorneys, colleagues and clients to streamline deal-making.

CommercialForum and CAR members are eligible to join the library of commercial contracts.

  • CAR members: $200 annual add-on (approx. $16/month)
  • Non-members: $400 for non-members and CommercialForum subscribers (approx. $33/month)

Find out more here. Resources to Share with Your Clients During their Homebuying or Selling Journey supports you as a trusted advisor for your clients, housing all the information they may need for every step of the homebuying, selling and owning journey. Access ready to share materials, client-building tools and Chicago-specific content all in one location.Check it out today.

Volunteer Opportunities: Giving Back to Our Community

Our many committees and work groups partner with local organizations to give back to our communities.Sign up as a micro-volunteerto get notified when the next volunteer opportunity is coming up!

From the Rebuilding Exchange, to community clean-ups, to community gardens, our members are always showing how much they care.

Looking For More?

  • Sign up as a Sustainability Ambassador.Learn more.
  • Volunteer your time and expertise on one of our committees or work groups. Applications open every Spring.Learn more.

Host A Training: Bring Classes To You

Here, you’ll find the support you need made easy, whether your goal is to educate and inform or inspire and motivate. Let’s work together to create a custom plan for your office.Learn more.

Courses are designed specifically for Chicago REALTORS®, most of which you can’t take anywhere else.

Symba: Financial Wellness and Business Planning App

Symba is a mobile-first app built to empower you to manage clients and make intelligent financial decisions. It’s deal tracking, commission forecasting with estimated taxes, bookkeeping, task management and tax filing all in one app.Learn more.

Symba is offering their financial wellness and business planning tool with 50% off for all CAR members!